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Magneto-Mechanical Harmonic Oscillato

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The Magneto-Mechanical Harmonic Oscillator (MMHO) experiment examines the physics of the Simple Harmonic Oscillator at an introductory level, with special emphasis on high-Q oscillators and the physics of clocks. Since harmonic oscillators play such a central role in modern physics, and high-Q mechanical clocks (in the form of quartz crystal oscillators) are omnipresent in cell phones and other electronic devices, the MMHO experiment introduces students to a fascinating and vital area of physics and technology.

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Written Documentation

Click on the links below to download .pdf files describing the hardware, the experiments, and the physics of the MMHO.

1. A brief guide to the instrument
        A look at the hardware and features of the MMHO

2. Magneto-Mechanical Harmonic Oscillator experiments
        An overview of experiments that can be done with this instrument

3. Physics of the Magneto-Mechanical Harmonic Oscillator

4. Sample student handout

Video Documentation

Click on the links below to YouTube videos of Magneto-Mechanical Harmonic Oscillator experiment

1. An introduction to the Magneto-Mechanical Harmonic Oscillator
        An overarching llook at the hardware and features of the MMHO

2. Clock Mode in the MMHO
        How Clock Mode works, and how it can be used to measure the oscillator resonant frequency

3. Measuring the magnetic moment of the test mass

        Changing the spring constant of the oscillator using the bias coils


Photo Gallery

Click on the images to view high-resolution versions with captions.