The EIT package includes everything you need to do a broad range of qualitative and quantitative ion trapping experiments.  Components include:
>> The main chassis
>> Three plug-in ion traps, each in a separate small black chassis:
              The Ring Trap
              The Linear Trap
              The Single Particle Trap
>> A High-Definition still+video camera, including live-view HDMI video
>> Macro and micro optics for video viewing of trapped particles
>> An HDMI cable to connect the camera to any flat-screen television (TV not included)
>> Various “wands” for loading particles into traps
>> A vial of 25-micron-diameter particles (Lycopodium club moss spores) for trapping
>> A steerable green laser for particle illumination
>>Various accesory items, plus a storage rack for organizing the traps and tools

Electrodynamic Ion Traps